Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Your Pet Business Noticed*

So you've got your website, your products are on the 'shelves' and you're ready to take over the pet world.

Well how do you get pet parents to see you, or get attention from media and press? You can start with a press release. What you don't know how to write one? Well hop aboard because if you wanna save budget funds you should really consider doing it yourself. On the other hand if you have the budget and really dispise writing outsourcing could be your best option.

Personally I've done both, and truth be told I'm most happy when I know that what I wrote is out there creating buzz for me and getting me the features I want, which in turn get's me the customers I'm looking for.

So we'll briefly go over what a press release should do:

First it should answer the 4 w's and 1 h -->who, what, where, why, and how questions that all media, press and bloggers want to know.

You should have something 'newsworthy' to say --> If you're starting a high-end pet boutique, so is about 100 other petpreneurs, but if you're starting a high-end pet boutique that offer's custom puppy spa treats that could be newsworthy. You want your pet business to stand out someway.

Use the numbers tactics --> The 'numbers list' seems to work nicely to create media buzz. ie.-- 10 ways to train your new puppy not to chew the house, or 5 ways you can calm a high-strung ferret. This technique uses information to direct curiosity seekers to you and works well if done correctly.

Use controversy --> Did you just dig up some juicy pet controversy? Talk it up in a press relase, the media love controversy. Or does your product go against an industry standard, but works? Use it, this is a sure way to get your email busting with feature requests, and of course customers!

Of course this isn't the only way to go about writing a press release but can surely point you in the right direction. Search out some press releases, (don't copy) but take direction from well-written ones, and then put yours together. Getting the attention of media and press is one of the cheapest ways to get your brand and products out there to your pet market. Use It!

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