Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Dog is....Amazing!

As loyal pet parents we all know how truly amazing our pets are in our lives. From making you feel loved when you had a rotten day, to keeping your feet warm on a cold winter morning.

And maybe just maybe you've been able to solve some of life's most complex problems, issues or dilemmas with the keen insight of your furry companion by your side. I know for me I realized what my dear sweet Orla taught me after it was too late. I learned that love is simple, and that being a good friend doesn't take rocket science it just takes you being there.

So it's no wonder that a pet parent has written a book on what our pets can teach us humans about life, love and a happiness. Sheryl Matthys founder of Leashes and Lovers shares tips and stories with dog lovers like YOU, and how our furry companions can show us the way.

As a pet parent and one that is always looking for ways to learn more about our family dog, it's refreshing to see that there is some truths to what we've all known all along. Our pets are...Amazing!

So if you can attend I recommend being a part of the Leashes & Lovers launch, and/or buying the book and find out what else you can learn from your pets...because we know there's more that we all can learn from them. :)

Among some of the things Matthys shares in her book Leashes & Lovers is how to:

-->Launch a new relationship

-->Strengthen relationships with a lover, friends, and family

----> Create deeper and more real relationships

-->Explore what’s missing from your life and make it whole

-->Make the best of a break-up and decide who gets the dog

-->Handle jealousy and your emotions when others aren’t into your dog

Wanna Go? Details below:

Tues. March 30th 7 – 9:30 PM
Blvd, 199 Bowery at Spring St, NYC
Tickets ~ $35/person • Dogs get in FREE!

Friends of American Humane Association $30 entry with coupon code: BOOK

Party Includes:

· Live Music by Toby Lightman

· Signed Leashes and Lovers book

· Raffle prizes worth $$$

· Dog Stunts by Atka, the Amazing Eskie, with Thy Cavagnaro

· Canine Catwalk Parade* $5/dog
Your dog’s 15 Seconds of Fame! Dress your dog to the K-Nine’s

· A welcome of The American Humane Association

· Goodie bags for first 300 guests

· PRIVATE mingling with dogs/dog lovers in 6 rooms

Raffle prizes include dog treats, jewelry, training books, party baskets, and more!

Party proceeds to help benefit The American Humane Association advocates for both animals and children who believe in the power of the human-animal bond.

Wed. March 31 – Order the book that day and be eligible for bonus gifts and prizes

Prizes include: website creation, jewelry, dog bed, collars, a shopping spree, coaching, and more!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Traffic Generator... A Series*

Welcome to the first installment of The Bark Business Tips Series. In a world of information overload, I've received lots of emails asking for just quick tips. So I thought it might be a bit refreshing too, to just give quick little action-based tips that you can try right away or test out.

Each little tip and trick will be real quick, and really helpful. While you may already be trying or using some of them my hope is that you'll also find some that you haven't heard of or thought to try.

Remember in the world of your pet niche business the idea is to captivate your pet parents any way you can and gain their trust, and entice them to get to know you and your products and/or services, but they need to find you in the sea of the 'WWW'!

Here's what I'll ask from you my readers and visitors. That if you find a tip or trick you think is pretty darn cool, stupid, or neat-o Tweet It, or leave a nice little comment below. Yes I said stupid, because you know what they say, even bad banter can garner attention* :)

Soo let the Series begin!

------>Traffic Generator #1<---------

Become a Featured Expert Columnist
** Article marketing. An effective way of generating traffic to your website over time. However, a much more direct way of getting your website in front of your target market is by doing something a bit more targeted than traditional article marketing. Because you're in the animal and pet industry you need to specifically target this audience.

Two of the Big ones to put articles at are:

But a more targeted approach is seeking out other pet bloggers, industry websites and blogs. Ask to be a guest blogger, or if you can submit articles and attach your website information at the end. A good place to start is by doing a search for pet bloggers, or animal bloggers, take a look at their content and see if what you've got to share is a good match.

Don't forget tip #2 will be available next week!

Paws & Wags,

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's Co-Op and Grooow!

I had wrote a post earlier that made a quick point about swapping marketing materials with other pet business owners to share with each others customers, and the idea keeps weighing on my mind. I've seen this particular version of sharing work wonders in another market I was a part of several years ago.

Not only did it prove to be very successful for those involved, but it was fun to boot. If you missed the concept let's review real quick:

**Petpreneur #1*** Verde Tree Organics -You're an organic pet bakery shop. You just opened up shop 6 months ago and while you're pluggin along and gaining a loyal pet parent following you'd like to expand and gain some online exposure as well.

**Petpreneur #2*** Shelby's Sweet Sweaters - You're a handcrafted pet sweater business owner. You've been in business for over 3 years and have never ventured to gain customers outside of your home town. Now you'd like to gain a following in neighboring cities.

Both business owners have business cards, or cute hand out cards that they give to all of their customers and parents. They meet at a local dog park one day and discover their common business ownership.

They decide to swap their creative cards with one another and hand them out to each others customers upon sales or generated interest.

**BINGO** new connections have been made and the potential to new business is organically fostered!

It makes perfect marvelous sense and it's a win/win situation for everyone. You share a product or service you believe in, have used or endorse and your customers grow even more fond of you and the trust factor is raised that much more.

Want to know how to get started? It's a snap and I'd love to show you just in case you need some assistance! A quick email or two should do it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Are you the Splurge or Bargain??

In today's hot market of pets and animals it seems like many new petpreneurs are coming along for the furry ride. So if you're just starting out or you've just launched have you asked yourself this question yet? Let's break down both with reasons and responses.

-->Are you the Bargain? If you're looking to sell more quantity of yourself or your products than this might be the route for you. If what you're selling is something that can be consumed quickly and will need to be bought over and over again, you might be the Bargain. If your products or services do not have a high initial cost, you might be the Bargain.

The Bargain could launch fairly quickly as well. If you're pet parents need what you offer and the price is a 'Bargain' than you could be reaping profits within weeks. Another positive to being the Bargain. The downside of the Bargain, you don't want to come off as looking cheap. Still push the benies, and what your product brings to them, and then point out your Bargain price.

Not to mention you could give away your Bargain to gain exposure as well, and everyone always loves something that is free. This way you're not out much by giving your goodies away. Word of caution with giveaways: Always have a means for your petparents to 'take you up on your offer'. Be it a business card attached, or simply your website address on a string. Give them easy access to you.

cost. Be sure to emphasize what your service or products will do for them. Will it save time, money in the long run, or give a better overall standard of life for their pets? Make sure you point out every possible feature. Anyone purchasing anything that needs thought to decide wants to know that what they're buying will be worth it say 2 months from now. Will yours be? Think of how the features will keep on givin' so to speak.

Be sure what you have to offer is truly worth the price. Are you eco conscious, are your fabrics luxurious or at least feel that way. Is everything handmade, do you personally provide the service or do equally qualified consultants. Is there a status that comes with your products or services? Believe it or not this matters with Splurge buys.

A way to get your Splurge products and services out there is to carefully select pet parents to give away to. But in doing this you have to go a little bit further in the return. While you don't have to ask them to buy anything, you should ask for some type of return. Blog post, high-profile mentions, sharing with a group, or some type of network share from them. You can't go willy nilly with a Splurge product because it's just too costly. Be smart and make sure you get something in return for your gifting.

So with these quick points you should be able to define where you are, make the most of it, and finally get the customers, clients you deserve. And if you're somewhere in between a Bargain and a Splurge there's room for you too. Just define and go for it.

Got questions or need some feedback? Ask it's what I do!