Thursday, April 30, 2009

{Why Your Pet Business Has Gotta Change to Thrive in this Recession}

Now hear this, if you're already doing a bang up job with your pet business than maybe you don't need to change anything, keep doing what you're doing. In case you're strugglin a bit, or if you're just starting out traditional methods to survive and prosper generally won't get you very far in today's volitile market.

Now don't get too discouraged because different doesn't mean out of reach. The pet industry is still a wonderful industry to be in, but you may have to re-think your business model and how you plan on achieving your goals.
Here are a few quick tips to consider for your game plan:

-->Fine Tune Your Customers Wants: When was the last time you really listened to what your customers are saying to you directly and indirectly? What do you really offer them? If you sell gourmet doggy treats what do you [sell] them? Peace of mind that your treats are organic and good for them? Or if you offer daycare and walking what does that service mean to your customers? Fine tune this USP, or Unique Selling Point. This is what will set you apart from your competition and fine tune you into your customers.

-->Providing Something of Value is Always Good Business: It's no wonder more millionaires were made during the great depression than any other time in history. Because during this time savvy entrepreneurs jumped right in and delivered great products and services and took advantage of the lesser startup costs, and the ability to take care of their market. The common misconception of 'hard times' is that people won't spend on nothing but necessities. Well we already see this isn't true, and what else is that if you're providing something that is seen as a value, or something that fills a comfort need you can still do quite well. And this also means that when things do pick up, as they have shown to always do, you would have positioned yourself in your market as the go to product or service and we all want that!

-->Re-invent Cutting of Expense: You've probably already heard that trimming in the areas of marketing and advertising isn't really a good idea. So what do you do to trim, well how about not really trimming but re-inventing. Maybe you've always sold through your website, how about changing things up a bit to re-invent yourself to you market. Why not offer personal service or products for your local customers? You could deliver products or maybe run a neighborhood pup party. Get creative with your customers and change things up to attract more customers and change how your current customers see you.

Thriving in this economy is not as hard as you think, having a good mindset, a great business foundation, and products and services that your customers truly appreciate will keep you thriving and moving toward your goals!

hey want my .02, I'd love to share I like doing that!

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