Saturday, June 13, 2009

And why is YOUR pet business soo special??

You have no doubtedly seen many other petpreneurs doing what you want to do or something quite similar.  And maybe you've nit picked out the things that you can do better, cheaper or quicker for Your clients/customers and that's what you're going for.  

But when it comes right down to it you need to, let me refrain, you Have to know what makes your service or products special and how to deliver this message clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm to attract your market. 

Everyone knows that is a new pet sitter, daycare and sweet shop opening up almost every week and chances are that if they don't:

1#  already have loyal customers

2# offer something unique, different, or special 

3# or have a budget the size of Utah 

they're gonna be hard-pressed to truly make a profit, or make enough to quit their day jobs. This is just one of those start-up facts. Yes it's true that there are exceptions to everything and if you are that exception: Congrats are in order. 

But most of us entrepreneurs need to work at being special, unique, and out sparkle our competition so that we can accomplish our goals and dreams for our business and ourselves.  

So let's take a look: What makes your pet business or service soo special anyway?  

Here are a few ways to figure this one out and then run with them!

1--> BENEFITS: Think about or write down your benefits to your customers.  Not that you've been doing this since you were 12, but that you can assure honest peace of mind when you're clients are away and have to leave their furry one with you. 

Or that you can give them picture text messages of their Bowser while they're on that trip to show them, yup he's ok while staying with "XYZ Petcare" 

2--> COMMUNITY: When your market 'sees' you in the community and sees that you're actively a part of where they live and with their community life they're more likely to remember you and look to you for their pet needs.  This could mean donating doggy treats to your local SPCA, or volunteering at your dog park once a month.  It's little things that you consistently do that will bring you more awareness and then more customers.

3-->LOYALTY:  Encourage your customers to become Loyal customers by providing a loyalty program, or encourage referrals with discounts.  Everyone loves to feel appreciated and loved so the best way to do this is by saving them money.  Offer discounts for new customers, and try a loyalty program that let's your customers earn points for certain products or services.  They can then use those points towards other products and services.  Showing the love and not just talking about it!

These are just a few but I know you can think of other creative and fun ways to give your pet-inspired business that Glow it needs to outshine your competition!  --No go SHine!

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