Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Launch Your Pet Business Succesfully -- GUARANTEED!

It's a pretty tall order huh? Guarantee your pet business launch success...well pet parents  it's pretty easily attainable, even in this economy and I'll share with you proven strategies that have already worked marvelously for me. I call it the GYCF Tactic. What does GYCF stand for? 

Get Your Customers First! Told you it was simple, but you would be surprised how many would-be successful entrepreneurs get this wrong, very wrong.  They don't seek out their customers, or even connect with them on a real, organic level.  They assume that what they have they will want and find it by a magic genie, or some other crazy notion.  Let's stop right here before you make this mistake. 
--> If you have a pet product or service that you think would be something that the community would want or need. Go Find Out First!  Start chatting up our friends, pet neighbors, family anyone who will talk to you about your brilliant idea.  Ask them key details like

*would you find this product or service useful?
*if it was available tomorrow would you buy it?
*how much would you pay for 'xyz'. (I like to start on a higher end and then work my way down if necessary for this part.)
*listen to them, really listen and read excitement cues, and body language this can tell you alot. 

Particularly people who love you, I say this because you don't want those close to you just telling you what you want to hear. If they light up with excitement or if they offer something like, 'yeah if I could buy something like that I would' that's the kind of feedback you're looking for. 

If you don't get these kind of results, it doesn't mean your idea is a dud, it could just mean you may need to tweek it before you move forward or put up any money.  It's been my proven success with finding my customers first that I can honestly say that this has proved invaluable for me.  

In fact I had customers before I even had an acual product! All I had was a handmade sample, and they wanted to buy that. It was then that I was confident to move forward.  

So GYCF my friends and prosper!

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