Friday, July 3, 2009

Traffic Boosting via Contests!

Who doesn't like a contest or the chance to win something that is pretty cool? Well everyone does, and best of all contests are a great way to drive traffic to your shop or website and gain new customers along the way. Here are a few tips and pointers about contests that will put you ahead of your competition:

-->1. What You Want -- What are your goals you want to achieve from your contest? Do you want to get your customers to interact more, get more incoming links, get to know them a bit better, get them to spread the word about you or all of the above? Define these parameters before you launch your contest so you haved direction.

-->2. Choose the Prizes -- So you're gonna host a contest now you need prizes that will make your contest smokin' hot. If you have goodies that your customers clamor for, use your items. Or if you're feeling generous and creative get some sponsors on board to donate goodies in exchange for the publicity. Having awesome prizes increases traffic, buzz and in the end your brand awareness which is always a good thing for you.

-->3. Make 'em Work For It -- So yes you do want to ultimately give something fabulous away of good value because it is an investment that is worth it. But don't just 'give it away'. You gotta make 'em work for it. Encourage them to leave blog comments, tweet to others about it and post a blog post on their blog. You're giving something away and in exchange for that you're getting some traffic, buzz and putting you and your pet business out there.

-->.4.Let People Know -- Once you have your contest in place and live, now you have to let your customers, and potential customers know about it. Get on your social high horse and let people know. Tweet about it, Facebook it, send out newsletter shout outs and email your members, followers and friends. Don't forget to encourage extra entries when they spread the word on your behalf.

Contests are just one easy way to increase traffic to your website but there are several other ways you can do it too! Real Easy ways that are fun to boot. Get creative and explore your ways.

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