Monday, August 24, 2009

{Grieving As a Business}

I get that at first this may sound a bit off kilter but bear with me for a second as I explain. Since the passing of our dear sweet Orla(see Golden Retriever mix below on the left) on the 13th I've taken a somewhat different approach to life with our pets. This has been an overwhelming and difficult time to bear, and it has made me really realize and come to terms with what our pets mean to us.

It brought me to another point, and actually a business model that maybe as a pet parent or aspiring entrepreneur you have not considered.

When we lose a family member there are counselors, programs and centers that cater to the grieving heart. But what about when we lose a furry family member?? Where can we turn to for that type of grief? Yes it feels very real, and the hurt is the same, but for whatever reason the fact remains that not many programs are out there to handle this 'type' of grieving.

So consider this, if you're a pet parent, or pet lover and you've considered different pet businesses and have come up with nothing. Helping other cope with pet loss is a great fulfilling business model to try out. I would imagine that you would do so many people good that it could be a rewarding journey.

There could be many ways to spin the business model, and you would have to weigh your options with what you feel you're best at.

But I can tell you from going through this at this very moment, that having a considerate, understanding ear, shoulder and friend is truly something I would treasure.

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