Thursday, December 31, 2009

Putting life in perspective

It's funny how losing something you love so very much can put everything else in your life into perspective.

And if you don't mind I'm gonna be bluntly honest here. Growing up I had a few pets and I enjoyed having them around but they never became a part of our family, not by my choice but my parents weren't the 'pets in the house' types.

So fast forward till a few years ago actually almost 9, and my then fiance adopt our first furry baby. A beautiful Goldy Chow mix, so fluffy and just too darn cute. She gave us years of joy happiness, and love unconditionally.

So when she passed away in August I couldn't fathom how it would affect me and the deep hole that would remain. It truly was like losing a member of our family, like someone was missing, like we should be looking for her somewhere...

But it is also this loss that has put many things in my life into perspective, and while it has not too much to do with pet business', it has alot to do with life and how it needs to be cherished and lived with love.

So for 2010 my hope for anyone who comes across my little blog here that you:

Live Loudly
Create Passionately
And Hug Your Furry Family Members Often!

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