Friday, January 1, 2010

Lights, Camera, Woof!

By now you may have either fallen into one of a few different categories when it comes to video and marketing:

You've either

A: watched a few YouTube videos and thought hmm pretty cool

B: watched a few YouTube videos and thought, this could work for me to increase website traffic

or maybe C: made a few YouTube videos, uploaded some, and sat back and waited for traffic to come parading in....

Well if you've found yourself in any one of those categories you my pet friendly friends are on the right track. According to the Web Video Marketing Council, video marketing will increase in popularity, and demand has skyrocketed for professional yet cost-effective video to maximize engagement.

It's the next wave of social involvement and interaction, it's what you should be doing, thinking of doing, or hiring someone to assist you with in 2010. And good news it's not gonna cost you thousands of dollars if you're looking for help here.

Heck if you do a viral one yourself, it'll only cost you time and energy to make, edit and upload that baby. And of course the cost of a camcorder if you don't already own one, but you're once again in luck because quality video recorders can be found for under $100!

When done right a well-done viral pet business video can do many things, very well for you.

It can showcase who you are
It can announce new products, services, or sales
It can potentially increase your website traffic, and active links
It can increase sales
It can increase your subscriber list

And the list could go on and on...if...done right!

But let's not get hung up on spending tons of cash to get a video out there and working for you, because in all honesty some of the best videos with the most views are the grainiest, craziest, non-pro looking videos around.

So what should you do now? Well assess what you'd like to get out of starting a video marketing campaign. Jot down your goals and the outcomes, and how you plan to achieve them with videos.

Have Fun and let who you are shine, while spotlighting yourself with your furry campanions! :)

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