Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep your biggest fans...Ecstatic!

You know how alot of articles are always telling you as a business person to 'get more customers' 'get more clients' 'get more traffic' and blah blah blah?

Well those things are true sortof but a bigger point that you should consider is keeping those devoted fans, your bread and butter happy, happy, happy! They already love you, blog about you, and ooze word of mouth joys so why not keep them that way.

And you know something else pet parents are some of the happiest, lovable folks around, so keeping them happy because of your goodies should be a no-brainer.
Let's go over some ideas
to keep those doggy lovers, cat meow-ers, and animal high-fivers coming back for more.

1) Loyalty programs: Start a loyalty program that rewards your regulars. Give them a discount every time they shop with you. This gives the 'hey I'm part of the cool club vibe' and who doesn't like to feel appreciated.

2) Keep in Touch: Letting your pet parents know of news, happenings, and special events and programs you're sponsoring or participating in. This is a nice way to keep you fresh in their mind. Word of Caution: I don't know about you, but I don't like to be bombarded with tons of stuff every day. Some people may find this ok, but I don't. Find that comfortable balance and go from there. Also do not assume if someone emails you to ask a question or get more information that they're now interested in getting your updates...because that's spam-like...and feels just forced when it happens. I've had this happen a couple of times
and just felt cheap! Ick!

3) Follow Up: Tell me, how do you feel when you buy something and then a week later you get an email from them asking you how you're doing and how your new 'wxz callit' is doing? You feel pretty darn swell huh? Yeah it feels like you're important and you're now
almost a customer for life. Well this is a good thing because you can do this for your pet parents and it's easy!

Those are just a few little things you can start doing today to help keep the customers you have, and that alone will bring in more customers, or
increase repeat sales...all good things again!

And remember if you take anything from this or any other post is: don't expect overnight results...expect results yes, but be consistent to get the most from any of your efforts!

If you have other ways you keep your customers clamoring for me, go ahead and share them...there's always creative ways to keep them ecstatic!

And if you need any help, just ask's what I do!


  1. THANK YOU for the great tips!! I cannot wait to implement the Loyalty program. I already do some of the other ones. I always follow up and keeping in touch. I am also starting buyer dollars....will let you know how they work!


  2. Great Judy, I'm excited to hear your results on your different programs you're implementing...Awesome!