Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's Co-Op and Grooow!

I had wrote a post earlier that made a quick point about swapping marketing materials with other pet business owners to share with each others customers, and the idea keeps weighing on my mind. I've seen this particular version of sharing work wonders in another market I was a part of several years ago.

Not only did it prove to be very successful for those involved, but it was fun to boot. If you missed the concept let's review real quick:

**Petpreneur #1*** Verde Tree Organics -You're an organic pet bakery shop. You just opened up shop 6 months ago and while you're pluggin along and gaining a loyal pet parent following you'd like to expand and gain some online exposure as well.

**Petpreneur #2*** Shelby's Sweet Sweaters - You're a handcrafted pet sweater business owner. You've been in business for over 3 years and have never ventured to gain customers outside of your home town. Now you'd like to gain a following in neighboring cities.

Both business owners have business cards, or cute hand out cards that they give to all of their customers and parents. They meet at a local dog park one day and discover their common business ownership.

They decide to swap their creative cards with one another and hand them out to each others customers upon sales or generated interest.

**BINGO** new connections have been made and the potential to new business is organically fostered!

It makes perfect marvelous sense and it's a win/win situation for everyone. You share a product or service you believe in, have used or endorse and your customers grow even more fond of you and the trust factor is raised that much more.

Want to know how to get started? It's a snap and I'd love to show you just in case you need some assistance! A quick email or two should do it!

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