Monday, February 1, 2010

Can your customers find you?

It probably sounds like a trick questions huh? Well if you have a website then you know if they are or not? And if you thrive on your local pet parents business then you can answer this question pretty easily.

But what if you do have a website and when you 'test' it on search engines to see where you show up you're on page 4 or worse? Here's a test, at the bare minimum you should be able to type in your business name or website name and show up in first place. This is a must! If your site isn't showing up on that first page at all, then my friend we have some issues to tend to.

How about this test, when you put in common keywords that should point to you and your website do you show up on the first page before the 'fold' (you know before you have to scroll down)? Yes...Fantastic! No? Well then we have got to remedy that.

As a business owner or budding one you know that without people finding you, you may have the next greatest thing. But if no one knows does it really matter? Not really.

I've had many friends and clients ask me, "ok so what do we do about it"? Well if you have a website that's great, because you need that! But what if you could take it a step further, without a full fledged website, or all the time and money associated with it?

My team and I are working on what I like to call Mini-Site Hot Spots. What they'll do for you is provide a search engine magnet for you, all tightly put together in a simple 1-3 page site. Full of rich keywords, content, images and information about you, your business and products, only smaller. They can be made quickly, and for a lot less than a typical website. We've even seen some use this instead of their big bulky websites. But we only recommend that if you have only a few products or a service or two to offer.

The idea is to have a page or two full of good changing content, keywords and systems working for you. Bringing you traffic, and ultimately business!

There's also other ways you can accomplish this, you can blog frequently with content rich posts. You can also hire an SEO firm to help you (usually very pricey), you can also post videos regularly ( which I'm a fan of because video's are a great way to engage your audience).

So: --> Great content = Traffic and Sales

The idea with mini-sties is that in addition to your website you also have another tool out there working for you all the time and pointing back to your main site, or supplying your customers with vital information and pulling rank on those search engines!

Now go and claim your Traffic!

Want us to get to work on your mini-site for you?

Email us at info at barkbusiness dot com

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