Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you have the bounce?

So if you're a petpreneur or you're thinking of launching a business designed around your passion of animals or your pet, there are some traits that you may or may not be aware that you need.

One trait that I've personally learned along my entrepreneurial journey is the ability to bounce. There have been days, spats, weeks where I look at my journey and wonder what in sam's garden am I doing here? Where am I going and on what train will I get there?

But then I remember that I have goals, dreams and people looking up to me (read my two boys:) and I was meant to do this and do it well. So I take the situation with a grain of salt, sometimes a minor tantrum and I Bounce back!

Because while you're launching, starting and running any business you're gonna find that some days everything will not go as planned, and unexpected 'uh oh's' are gonna happen.

The question is do you have the Bounce to get back to business the next day, or next week? Will you be able to bounce back when it feels like your business is taking over your life?
Will you have the bounce to keep going when you don't have enough customers yet?

Well if you're gonna run a business, or start a business you better make sure you have the bounce! Because it's a bumpy ride my friends...but so very worth it! :)

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