Monday, April 20, 2009

3 Hot, Under the Radar Pet Niche Business Ideas

You know starting a pet business is right for you, but you keep thinking 'but I want to do something different' something that not very many businesses are doing.  Well you're in luck, we've scrounged around a bit to bring you 3 Hot Under the Radar Pet Niche's that might suit your fancy.  

New niche's are being created everyday, and with an open-mind and a knack for seeking them out you might just find your goldmind. But until then here are 3 to spark your creative brain juice:

1* Senior Dog Refuge/ Senior Products --> Every cute little puppy eventually turns into an aging senior dog and there's no doubt about it, the love for that aging family member just grows stronger with time.  So it makes sense that the growing population of older pets still need care and specialized attention, love and products to keep their aging days as happy and as comfortable as possible.  If you love the slower pace of being around an older dog or pet than this niche may be perfect for you.  According to Modern Dog Spring '09: The need for dog refuge camps, and housing is growing so strongly that Judith Piper owner of Old Dog Haven was hesitant to even have her business featured.  Because of the crowd of people looking for a place to have their senior pets.  

The need for specialized products for the aging pet community is growing too. You could become a Senior Pet comfy retailer - specializing in all things to make the senior pet comfortable, and happy in their old age. Or anything that makes caring for them easier for the pet parents.  

2*Green Pet Housing --> Are you a whiz with a saw, hammer and nails. Do you see the art in things that others may call junk? Well you could have found your calling.  In a world where going green isn't a trend but a way of life you could fair well with designing and/or building pet housing constructed out of reclaimed stuff.  Think, old barrels, drums, filling from mattresses etc.  If you have a knack for contructing something from nothing this could be the pet business for you.  If you're really creative you can treasure hunt the supplies, and then share the background with each work of green art with the new owners.  

3*Relaxation/Massage --> Do you have a way with your hands, or do you calm a high-sprung cat or dog with just a touch? Why not use it to your advantage and offer mobile, pet relaxation and massage. It's proven that with the right touch you can produce healing like endorphins and release that can calm even a high-spirited pup.  You could then offer in tandem natural and organic products as a plus. Or maybe you would fair better as a teacher of massage. Surely some pet parents would love nothing better than treating their pup to the wonder qualities of massage themselves.  You could then, do weekly classes or sessions to teach the latest tricks and techniques to your pupils.  

All in all finding your perfect niche is about seeking out what is your passionate driver and turning it into a business that even if you were not being paid to do it, you will still spring out of bed everyday because you enjoy it that much.  If you don't have that driver the other 'boring' stuff might slow you in your tracks to success. 

Hey want my .02? I'd love to share it, I like doing that!

Ms. Bark Business - Rickina

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