Saturday, April 18, 2009

Will Work For...Free*

I've been thinking of ways to really reach out to the pet business startup community and offer what I've learned launching my niche business and help them in ways that I needed when I launched. With so many people charging for things they can do for free I thought why not give something away for free for once?
And I thought why not offer small things that garner big gains in confidence and business! So I'm officially opening up the doors to the Bark Business - Freebie Shop.

If you'd like assistance with:
** a custom Twitter background

**getting started with Twitter

**getting media opportunites

**starting a blog

**staring a e-commerce website

The Bark Business - Freebie Shop is for you --Now here's the catch, but it's not a big one:)
-------> THE CATCH, in return we just ask that you let others know we're Freebin' you, and how it's helping. Like Twetting about it, posting to your blog whatever helping us let others know about Bark Business.
A link to us or something would be cool too, but not required. And we ask that you let us share your comments and feedback on our freebies, Deal?
But we won't do the Freebie shop forever, so you gotta get on the bus soon -secure your seat!

Interested? Great, email us info[at] We cant' wait to get started!
You can also comment, and say 'hey I want in'