Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You've Had The Ah-Ha Moment Now...

You may be thinking that the next step is to dive right in feet or head whichever you prefer first. Well hold on there now, just a minute.
A lot of people that are new to the petpreneur/entrepreneur lifestyle will want to go full throtle and get their product made, out there and make the big bucks, but there is a critical step that you should take to ensure your success. Wanna know what it is?
Of course you do because you want to succeed at this thing called business. Well here it is, it's pretty easy just so you know upfront.

----> Secure Your Customers First<----

That's right, you have to, you need to, Secure Your Customers First! Even before you have a fully functioning and complete product or service structure you should really take the time to learn all you can about your customers. They're the ones that will make or break your business so it would be in yours and your future businesses best interest to know who they are and where you can connect with them easily (read for free).
So many 'just getting started' entrepreneurs totally get this critical step backwards, and I'm no exception here my friends. I too fell victim to this on many-o-launches and I gotta tell you it showed about 6 months or less into the venture. Without connecting with and really understanding what it was that my customers wanted from me or needed, I was sunk before I could shove off. Not sure what I mean here's how you feel when it's happening:

**You're excited your product is complete and you know you're gonna get some customers because you're so excited and your confidence is through the roof, this will be great you think. Then two months later, you're wondering why am I sinking in product with little to no customers, you feel defeated, and burnt out. ** Have you been there yet, or are you going?

Snap out of it! Launching your pet-inspired business doesn't have to be this way, you can take another path. No it won't be all easy peasy, but you can eliminate some of this emotional and physical heartbreak by simply finding and connecting with your customers First*

---->Don't Chase Your Tail Action Point: here's what you can do right now. If you're not on Facebook, or Twitter go sign-up now, it's free and takes just a few minutes. Get a blog, and update it at least weekly, this will help you to get a 'following' of potential customers reading what you have to say.

Remember the lifestyle you want won't fall into your lap, you gotta work for it!

*And if you have a question or want feedback give me a *woof* and I'd be happy to give my .02! I like to do that :)

~Ms.Bark - Rickina

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