Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pet Industry Trends for 2009 - Must Read

If you're even thinking of starting a pet-inspired business this year, you need to know the trends to look for and to monitor.  Use this article as a guide and then take what applies to your situation and run with it.  

2009 Pet Industry Trends

---->Don't Chase Your Tail Action Point: Be diligent in finding what pet parents want that you can offer them.  If you're good at behavior in pets, go with that. If you're good with styling them, go with that.  Pick something you're passionate about and drive it home.  Go get your idea book - go on- and write down 5 things you're passionate about. Don't think too hard, just think about what get's you all spun up and your heart pounding...got it now write it down.  Now think creatively how you can apply that to little Buster or a neighbor dog or cat or pet.  This is a good place to start! 

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