Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*Green Pet Products To Check Out*

If you didn't know it already there are tons and tons of fabulous green and earth friendly pet inspired companies today that will help you and furry family members going green in a fun and stylish way.  These companies are fully into their pet business niche of helping other pet parents and businesses to go green.  We've sniffed out just a few but do a Google search and see what You can come up with!
**Happy Earth Day**

Dapper Collar by Eco Pup
constructed of re-claimed people ties

Lavender Canine Shampoo
all natural ingredients, easily rinses, low lather

Align Center
Strawberry Shortcake Catnip Toy
hand-stitched using orgnic catnip

                 Pet Food Storage Canister
   you can have 'cat' or 'dog' on yours

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Warm Wags,
Ms. Bark Business -Rickina

1 comment:

  1. Fur-Zoff is another great green pet product. It removes pet hair from fabrics better than a lint roller and it's made from recycled materials. They sell them at for about $10.

    Hope you like it!