Thursday, April 16, 2009

Viable Pet Market | Offering Something of Value

So you're excited, geeked even about this new idea for your pet niche business, one that will allow you to enjoy your 'Freedom Venture' and do so while enjoying something you're truly passionate about.

When you're at that point of 'thinking and deciding' on the direction to take your bright pet-inspired idea there are a few first points you need to keep in mind. And not many 'pros' will fill you in on this one, but it's quite important and needs to be properly addressed, here goes.

1) Your 'Freedom-Venture' is what you newly created lifestyle would look like if your new business was a well-oiled machine, fulfilling, successful and most importantly profitable. Would you simply create another 'job' that you do all by yourself, essentially not really living a true entrepreneur lifestyle.

Or would your business have a clear and predicatable path that it chugs along, that repeatedly makes you money while you still have plenty of 'Freedom-Venture' time? My guess is that you're gonna want this one. Well you have to think about this in the very beginning, sort of like goals but more of how it will all look once you're there.

Not just a bullet point of a goal scribbled on a notepad, but what would a typical morning look like, a week, a month?

2) Now that you have that cleared and well-defined you need to ensure that your market is strong and large enough to support this lifestyle you've mapped out for yourself. If you want to be able to say visit Anatayla, Greece next week, your market needs to be able to sustain those jaunts. But if you just want to be able to pay for your pets extra-curricular activites than your market doesn't have to be that large.

But this is an important factor to consider because you really want your market to sustain your goals, and you really need to make sure what you're offering is something that they find valuable and worth opening up their purses and wallets to.

There's no doubt about it, if you offer something that is useful and your market finds value in it, you'll find that selling won't feel like selling but more like offering or sharing. On the flip side of that is that you'll get paid for that...Sa-weet!

---->Don't Chase Your Tail Action Point: Hop on and just plug in keywords you would use if you were looking for your product or service. For instance if you're selling athletic gear for dogs and their parents, you may want to look for dog parents who jog, or dog parents who train with their dogs, you get the idea. If there is lots of blogs, companies and just stuff out there on the topic you could be onto a viable market. Next is to find out that 'pain spot' for them, are the leashes or leads insufficient, or is stopping for 'the business' a hassle. Find the market, understand the pain and then hone in!

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