Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Secret to Pet Business Success Is....

Well it's many things. It's the right industry, a market looking for what you have, it's a great network, it's a great set of skill sets, it's a support system to keep your head up when you can't, it's friends, business know-how and on and on.  But how can you possibly seek all these things without losing your mind, or worse losing your focus?  

Easy peasy. You can head on over to the only social community dedicated to wonderful world of 
pet business ownership! The Bark Business Park!  I've created a social community that will provide a warm, and friendly haven for those who adore animals and who have turned that passion into a thriving business.  

So you haven't actually started yet, no worries the BBP can provide you with tools, tips and resources to get you on the right path, and give you the confidence and push you'll need to launch that wonderful idea of yours!  

The idea behind the BBP is to grow a community that will be full of fresh, informative ideas, success stories, tools, resources, and plenty of opportunities to connect wth other petpreneurs and grow/or launch yours!  

The community is private right now, until we work through all the bugs, but we'd love to have you as a beta member/tester to give it a whirl!  

Wanna invite? 

Leave a comment, shoot me an email or click the links above!  Can't wait to see you at the Park! 
p.s. you can invite others too, the more the wagg-ier:)

Warm Wags,

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