Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do you 'Socially Sell' or 'Smack Sell' on Twitter?

You're probably already familiar with the notion that social communities and networks are truly gaining virtual speed and are changing the way people communicate, socialize and meet new freinds.

But do you understand how business owners can find new customers, clients and eventually sell to them without feeling pushy, or tacky? Well there is a way, but unfortunately not many business owners or startups are doing it correctly. But are approaching these new more relaxed outlets as the old way of advertising and marketing. And if you're one of them, it may be why you're not seeing the benefit from these social outlets.

Let's start by looking at the 'Smack Sell' - definition - those startups who join social networks who just forcefully push their products, services and crap onto others with no clue as to what their Smack Sell is doing. And if you're not familiar or maybe you think 'well I'm not doing that' lets just look at an example.

---->Example #1 - You just joined Twitter and you think ok all I gotta do is just tell people what I'm doing, or what I'm eating, and what I'm selling and I'll get all the customers I can handle" or " I'll just follow thousands of people and they'll follow me back then I'll make tons of sales" uhh Wrong-O & Wrong Again!

If you join Twitter and you go on a Follow Spree to find people you'll probably be ignored rather than getting immediate follows back. If you're following 500 people and only 25 follow you back, that looks suspect or you're doing something wrong.

If you join Twitter and you just keep posting like this: @smacksell We have a sale this week come check it out http://..sdkskjlslk.crap/ @smacksell we just launched a new piece of useless crap go take a look blah blah.

This is a big No-No and a turnoff, people don't care what you're selling.

Now let's take a look at the right way, what I like to call the 'Social Sell' - definition - the business who is joining a social community to commune with like-minded people and genuinely foster fun, interesting connections and friends - which later, orgnically could lead to more sales, and better loyal customers.

This will feel familiar to you if you're already working this way, or maybe you should take note if you're a 'Smack Seller'.

---->Example #2 - You join Twitter and you're thinking I want to find some interesting people who like me enjoy the companionship of their pet, or who also have started a business inspired by their pet. Here's how to get started the Social Sell way.

You start out by going to search twitter and finding others talking or tweeting about pets. Read their tweets, go to their website ,if they have one and find something neat to tweet with them about. Keep it genuine and real, if you do a fake tweet it's obvious and it's not cool, so keep it real :) People like to talk about themselves and if you compliment or can relate on some level that has nothing to do with pushy selling you're one step ahead of the crowd. Plus this way is much more fun and feels more natural...try it out. Eventually when people see that you're real and looking to make genuine connections, curiousity will drive them to learn more about SALES, yes glorious warm Sales!

Or think of it this way: --->Fade to Real-life Scenario --- you're taking Sam your Beagle/Poodle to the off leash dog park and you're excited because you're in the startup phase of your Mobile Doggy Nail Clipper service. You're armed with business cards and your pitch. And a perfect opportunity is walking right toward you. ***WRONG WAY*** you then whip out your business cards while saying "hey, I just started a mobile doggy nail clipping service here take my card" Ridiculous right? Well that's what Smack Selling is, it's tacky and just doesn't work very well.

****RIGHT WAY***your opportunity is walking toward you again and instead this time you say "Would you look at that, your puppy has the same designer collar and lead that Sam and I use, where did you find yours? ...Really I'll have to check that website out sometime". You then notice after a few lines of dialouge that Pugsy's nails look like they need attention, you then go into your warm pitch.

So I bet you can see how this is really just a progression of taking your face-to-face skills when meeting new people online. No big secret people enjoy connecting, and being online is no different.

Now go forth and be a Social Selling Butterfly/Dog/Cat or whatever your fancy...

Want my .02? I'd love to share it I like to do that!

Warm Wags,

Ms. Bark - Rickina

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